1) Check out the prices of Jump Ready Bundles from Parachute Systems

2) Check out the new Rigging Innovations website at !



12/2017 : End of year sales and discounts with Sife and Parachute Systems: Check out the pages of these brands on my website





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    • Our Belgian market is just way to small to be an exclusive dealer for one brand of containers or canopies or whatever ... .

Along with that, our customers often allready have chosen the brand and type of product they want.

They just needs someone to get them what they need and give some advice along the way.

There's nothing wrong with that as long as they choose a product that is proven to be of high quality.


Therefore I have no problem selling you a Sife,Parachute Systems or Rigging Innovations product.

These manufacturers have proven to deliver quality and service.

Very often the choice of a container or parachute has something to do with the 'taste' of the customer. And that's something you can't argue about. So if one customer likes the looks of a Sife Rt, the other customer prefers a Parachute Systems Vortex and a third customer is madly in love with the design of a Rigging innovations Curv...who am I to argue with them.


Sometimes (sad as it maybe), the choice of a product may depend on the delivery time or the finances instead of the preference of the customer ( shipping rates, course of the dollar versus the Euro, manufacturers special offers etc...). Whatever the reason, I will help you with advice and with whatever you choose at the end.




  • Sife announces their Rigs will be Laser-cut from now on.