Parachute Systems

As with everything else out there you have Options to customize yourVortex rig to your requirements...but there are only a few that are charged extra.

Charged options are :

-Magnetic riser covers

-Swoop belly band



All the rest is allready included

I've met Chris, the owner of Parachute Systems, at Flanders Boogie 2017.

I took the opportunity to demo a Vortex container with a Volt main canopy.

My demojumps along with a nice chat with Chris and Alain got me convinced about the Parachute Systems products.

And it needs to be said...the way Parachute Systems handled the total product recall after the problem with the DSF stainless steel hardware is nothing short off amazing.

It also proves that Parachute Systems only wants the best for their customers and is a reliable partner when it comes to aftersales service.


The Vortex container:


-Certified under TSO C23 (d)

-Unique, constantly evolving design features for safety, comfort and visual appeal

-Back pad yoke is contoured to the shape of the body

-Cut out in the back pad and splayed leg straps add comfort

-The 3 stow mouth lock design on the main deployment bag and the balance of - the line stows situated inboard from the edge of the bag helps prevent bag spin

-The kill line pilot chute is a standard feature

-The dive loops and the flex housings in the rear of the risers also standard

-Superior pin protection flaps

-Option of Hacky / Freefly puff or pull-out

-Snag free closure loop holders

-Integrated bridle cover

-Strong External Spring Pilot chute for instant reserve extraction and especialy for Wingsuiting

-True molar bag

-Stainless steel #0 long shank grommets

-Cypress, Vigil or Mars (M2) ready

-Skyhook ready

-RSL ready

-4 flap reserve closure

-Integrated housing holders above cut away and reserve handle

-Wrap around harness construction

-Stainless Steel hardware

-Option of fully articulated harness, hip ring harness or standard harness

-Secure riser covers and magnetic riser covers

-Hard release housings

-Option of soft, hard or loop style reserve handle