Rigging Innovations

Curv 2.0


With the Curv 2.0:

Standard = Full option !!!

Even in these days where there are so many manufacturers available, Rigging Innovations still manages to put some unique design features in their gear.


The latest update of the Talon Classic system. After Talon Classic,Classic pro and classic pro 3.0 the CPX has been updated with some revolutionary,innovative design features.

P-124 Aviator


Lichtweight, comfortable ,simple in use...

This "emergency-set" combines the experience of 2 experts in their respective fields. The "rig" is Created by RI ,the canopy (RAM-AIR) has been specifically designed for this goal by Precision Aerodynamics..

I am very proud to be an RI dealer.

During my riggercourse I had the honor of getting a factory tour by Mr. Sandy Reid himself. Before I went to the states I have seen a voodoo container on some rare occasions but I had never heard of Rigging Innovations.

My training in their facillities @ Eloy,Arizona has changed all that.

I am 100% convinced of the Unique design and the quality of RI products.

If you would like some more information about the RI product range, take a look at www.rigginginnovations.com (just click the banner above) or contact me and I'll try to help you out.

You can also Click here for a youtube-clip shot at the 2013 PIA Symposium where Sandy Reid himself talks about the Curv.


Mojo : the RI MARD