Sife is a rather new brand in the skydiving industry.

We have found out about Sife and their products at Flanders Boogie 2016 and we are absolutely convinced about the Quality and Design of this Skydiving Harness/container.

Tested according to the latest TSO C-23 F (150 KEAS and 150Kg operating weight).


The Sife RT is available starting at €1999 excl.VAT and shipping and comes standard with :


Hip rings

Floating laterals

BOC with pipe

Riser type 17/type 8

D-handle/mini D-handle

Stainless steel hardware

Magnetic riser covers


As with everything else out there you have options to customize your rig to your requirements..


RSL,RAX (Reserve Activation eXtratraction), Freefly-handle, Dynamic corners, Wingsuit bridle, ... and there's more where that came from so we'll go over the entire list before ordering your new piece of Austrian Quality.


You'll find their online pricelist here.

This link will take you to there canopy/container sizing chart, we will talk about this one together so you will definitly make the right choice considering container sizing.

RENT a SIFE Container, with or without canopies !!!!

Follow this link