The loft

The loft....


You can always trust your gear to me for repairs and maintenance.

If a repair should come up that I can not (yet) perform because of license limitations I will make sure that this part of the repair is done by an appropriatly licensed and type-rated collegue.

Riggers pledge....

  • I will pack every parachute as if I am to jump it myself and will stand ready to jump every component or parachute I service (just don't let me jump you're tiny little swoopmachines because they'll kill me even when they function properly)
  • I will remember,always, that the other man's life is as dear to him as mine is to me
  • I will never resort to guesswork for I know that chance is a fool's god I cannot depend on it.
  • I will pass over no defect and neglect no repair as I know that mistakes may cost a human life.
  • I will strive for perfection in every service operation
  • I will keep all equipment entrusted to my care in the best possible condition, remebering always that little things left undone can cause major troubles
  • I will sign my name to no document unless I have performed or supervised every step of the work
  • I will sustain and promote respect for my vocation and will keep ever in mind my grave responsability

  • I will be sure...ALWAYS



Give me a call and we'll work out an appointment to bring/pick up your gear.


Annual Inspection

I can perform the annual inspection of your parachute system.

All the components will be checked at that time. This is usually combined with a repack.


Toggles, handles ,

ripcords,Pilot Chutes,


We can order all of

these pieces for your

specific gear..



Patching, relining, cleaning your harness/container,...